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I have an NPI (National Provider Identification number) this enables me to issue you a superbill. You can submit this to your insurance to try to receive reimbursement for your unilateral/bilateral areola restorative tattoo following a mastectomy (insurance will not cover other tattoos for scar camouflage, or tattoos considered "cosmetic" that are not associated with a medically necessary mastectomy). It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive any pre-authorization that is necessary for your tattoo to be covered under your insurance. Please reach out to your insurance provider to learn more.

*If you are receiving your tattoo out of your surgeon's office, this does not apply to you.
Hope & Olive was created with heart and compassion. It was created out of a desire to serve those who are entering the next season of life. It was created to help those who have experienced a life-altering circumstance such as (but not limited to) cancer, alopecia, human trafficking, Trichotillomania, or burn trauma through the gift of permanent makeup. The funds raised allow our network of elite artists the opportunity to provide restorative permanent makeup services as well as areola restoration after breast cancer to qualified recipients at no charge.
Cherry Payment Plans enable you to break large costs into smaller monthly amounts. Payment plans provide flexibility, allowing your dollar to go further.

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Everyone deserves access to life changing tattoos.
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