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What is a paramedical tattoo?

Paramedical means related to the medical profession in a secondary, or supplementary capacity. Paramedical tattoos assist in the final step of healing from various conditions, surgeries, or accidents. Examples are hair loss, 3D areola(s) post-mastectomy, radiation marker camouflage, and scar camouflage whether the scarring resulted from an accident, skin graft, surgery, self-harm, gender affirming surgery, and more! We a combination of permanent cosmetic and paramedical tattooing techniques to conceal, cover, and create amazing results!

Are these kinds of tattoos safe?

Yes, all services offered are backed by my professional experience. In other words, I have personally received and performed all procedures that Tourmaline offers. There is little risk of allergic reaction, but we can always do a test patch behind your ear (which will need to be done at least 24 hours prior to the actual tattoo appointment). There is, however, risk of infection if the tattoo is not properly taken care of and aftercare is not followed. Infection can lead to an undesirable healed result. It is very important that you disclose all medical conditions and allergies on your intake form to ensure your safety and so we know any of any modifications we may make to provide the best results.

How many appointments will I need?

All paramedical procedures (3D areola restoration, scar camouflage, and stretch mark camouflage) vary by case. Areola restorative tattoos usually take 1-2 appointments (more if there are other scars being camouflaged at the same time). Scar camouflage varies due to many factors. Ink-less treatments also vary, but results are usually seen after 3 appointments. Fine Line tattoos usually take 1 appointment, but If it is a larger piece with shading or coloring, it can take more.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I am pleased to offer payment plans through Cherry. I also accept cash, Apple Pay, Venmo, and all major credit cards. If you are getting an areola restorative tattoo there are other options, please reach out to me to learn more.

What if I have keloid scarring?

If you get keloids or hypertrophic scarring, getting microneedling or a tattoo can trigger the process and spread, agitate, or create more scars. If you’re aware of these risks and would still like to proceed you will come in for a test spot (at no cost) that we will monitor over 6 weeks to ensure you are a candidate and this procedure will not create more damage than it can heal.

Do you tattoo darker skin tones?

Yes! I provide areola tattooing services for all skin tones. There are differences in the techniques used to tattoo each skin tone and skin tone is an important factor to take into consideration for multiple reasons and to ensure the best result. If you have a dark skin tone (fitz 4+) or are worried you may develop keloids, we will have you come in for a test spot (at no cost) and monitor it over 6 weeks to ensure you are a candidate and this procedure will not create more damage than it can heal.

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